Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to encourage Veganism! By helping people find vegan food in their neighborhood, we hope to make veganism easy, convenient, and accessible-- which makes it more likely people will stick with it... for life!
We've included restaurants that have vegan food options all the time and have their vegan items clearly labeled. We want to make sure that even the newest vegan can order with confidence, just by looking at the menu. This makes going out to eat painless and guesswork-free!
We all know places with knowledgeable servers, flexible chefs, and veganiz-able menus… but we also know that navigating those restaurants takes creativity, confidence, and a certain amount of vegan know-how. We don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed or embarrassed at the dinner table, which is why we’ve reserved our “thanks” (and our “Vegan Friendly” decal!) for restaurants that intentionally include and label vegan items. This is our way of looking out for not only new vegans, but also servers, chefs…. and anyone who hates making a big fuss at ordering-time! We also want to acknowledge that by including the word “vegan” on their menus, these restaurants are helping to increase visibility for the vegan community and legitimize veganism in the public eye.
Vegan options are becoming more and more common in the 'burgh, and we couldn't be more excited to see it happen—but we also recognize that all-veg restaurants are still few and far between. That means most vegan options in the city are still served alongside meat and other animal products. Rest assured: Everyone here at Vegan Pittsburgh looks forward to the day when the exploitation of animals is obsolete and “Vegan Friendly” means simply “Vegan.” But in the meantime, we don't want anyone to be hesitant about veganism because they think there's nowhere to eat! We want new vegans, aspiring vegans, and the veg-curious to know that vegan food is everywhere!
If you know of a restaurant that meets our inclusion criteria, please be a part of the Vegan Pittsburgh project by letting us know.
Vegan food succeeds with the help of the vegan community, so please: Thank and patronize establishments that serve vegan food… Consider hosting your next meeting, meetup, or event where you see the “Vegan Friendly” decal… And let restaurant owners and managers know that you appreciate them participating with Vegan Pittsburgh! In addition, don’t forget to spread the word and share the website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter (where we’d love to see your Vegan-Friendly posts, photos, and tweets!) But since our number one mission is to support and grow the vegan community in Pittsburgh, the best thing you can do for Vegan Pittsburgh is to go vegan…. stay vegan…. and encourage veganism in others! We hope that by showing off Pittsburgh’s plentiful vegan food (and wonderful vegan community!), we can help make the transition to veganism an attainable, desirable, and fun prospect for all!